Agreement between Cruyff Institute & Cruyff Foundation with Universitat Autonoma Barcelona


The UAB and Johan Cruyff Institute to collaborate in teaching, employability and cooperation

The UAB and Johan Cruyff Institute have signed anagreement to develop together teaching activities, researchand social and solidarity actions. Both institutions haveagreed, among other objectives, to deliver a joint offer a Master in Sports Management, to create a research chair also in collaboration with the Laureus Sport for GoodFoundation, and to cooperate in addressing the needs of the disabled in the field of sport people through the Cruyff Foundation and the Fundació Autònoma Solidaria.

This agreement is the starting point for both institutions to jointly implement in the future a larger and moreimportant range of teaching and research activities, so necessary in a sector in constant growth such as sport.

Educating professional leaders
In the educational area, the UAB and Johan Cruyff Institute will jointly deliver the Master in Sports Management. The course, which until now has beenoffered Johan Cruyff Institute, will from now on be a university master’s degree with 60 ECTS credits linked to the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UAB. It willbe delivered in English and Spanish, in the differentmodalities: online, on campus and blended. The course is expected to start in the next academic year 2016-2017.
This degree aims to prepare graduates to be able to usesports management instruments to recognize business opportunities, optimize resources and analyze informationfor decision-making, among other skills. In addition, special emphasis will be placed on incorporating theprinciples of equality between men and women, equalopportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility.
The Master is aimed primarily at students trained in Physical Sciences and Sports, Business Administrationand Management, Economics, Marketing, Communicationand Tourism. Future career opportunities includeleadership and management of companies in the sportssector, club management, event and sports facilitymanagement, management of marketing and sponsorshipprograms or the creation of companies in the sports sector, among others.
Moreover, there are also plans to jointly create an onlinecourse open to anyone (known as a MOOC: massive open online course) in sports sponsorship on Coursera, theleading MOOC platform worldwide where the UAB has been the first Spanish university to be selected to offercourses.

Integration into the labor market after a sports career
Moreover, the UAB and Johan Cruyff Institute will create, also in collaboration with the Laureus Sport for GoodFoundation, a research chair dedicated to finding ways to help athletes to integrate into society after finishing theirsports career.
It is planned to study the relevant educational systems and subsequent labor market integration to achieve this goal.

Facilitating sports activities for disabled people
In addition, in the agreement it is planned that theFundació Autònoma Solidaria (FAS) of the UAB and Cruyff Foundation collaborate on initiatives to facilitatethe integration of disabled people in sports activities.
This collaboration will be possible thanks to the fact thatthe activities of the Cruyff Foundation and the FAS havepoints in common in this area. Cruyff Foundation carriesout sports projects for disabled children, among others. For its part, the FAS manages the PIUNE program, aimedat making the necessary adaptations to ensure equalopportunities for study: offering services such as beingaccompanied in an adapted vehicle, or pedagogical, curricular, technical, material, urban planning, architectural and social environment adaptations.

Johan Cruyff Institute
Johan Cruyff has always seen sport as an expression of high performance, as a player, coach, and during his time as a consultant. Transferring this maximum level of demandingness and professionalism to the world of sportsmanagement is what led him in 2002 to create the Johan Cruyff Institute. This higher education academicinstitution, which has received more than 6,000 students, teaches master’s, postgraduate and other courses in sportsmanagement, sports marketing, sponsorship and patronage, and football business and administration in on-campus, blended and online modalities

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